Shooting 08/05/2021 – Antwerp

On Saturday May 8th, I’ll be out for shooting, and I’m looking for you to join. Aiming for somewhere between 12h and 20h. I’m flexible.

The concept

I’m planning a photoshoot in Antwerp or surrounding area / cities (let’s say I want to stay in a 45 minute radius around Herentals (see grey area below) to do some intriguing shots.

The idea is ‘sexy’, ‘fetish’, and ‘erotic’. No ‘hardcore porn’. (If you’re into that we could do some shots, but that’s for your portfolio, not mine)
– lingerie under a (long) coat
– high heels / nylons / suspenders under a skirt and blouse
– (white)- dress, sheer clothes
– Ripped or tight jeans, topless, …
– mask (anything from ‘a gentle detail’ up to ‘full freaky’ could work!) – could be covid19-proof, but classy
– any kind of fetish / ‘weird stuff’ … (it is highly unlikely you’ll shock me ;-))
– any kind of ‘weirdness’. Discuss upfront.

Even tough we’re doing stuff like that we’re not taking risks.

IMPORTANT: This is about model pictures, and thus not about bondage.

Your input
If you have ideas as well, I’m open to that. A specific fetish? Something you’ve always wanted to do which might suit this shoot? Feel free to discuss! Do you have an amazing location? City? Urbex? The woods? Or anything in between: Let me know! Antwerp city center and surrounding nature is the place to be.


Since you’re on this website, you might already have an idea who I am 🙂 Look for some of my shots below. Check out my Fetlife profile to see more.
You’re 100% safe.
I speak both Dutch and English. Je me debrouille en français, und ich spreche egine worte Deutsch.


  • are a girl / woman
  • self assured: you’re not (too) shy in front of a camera. If you’re an experienced model who doesn’t need guidelines, that’s cool. If you’re not, that’s cool too. I can give you directions / help you overcome holdbacks and make sure we both give the best we can.
  • you don’t really need modelling experience, but of course it doesn’t hurt when you have some. I do give some directions for posing, but I expect your input as well.
  • is open minded, has the right attitude, and is ‘daring’
  • who communicates well (this is really important to me. This includes swift communication, and honoring shooting agreements!)
  • able to have different looks / facial expressions.
  • your age is not important. Self confidence is.
  • you’re confident getting naked in front of the camera. For most of the shots some clothing will be involved, but if you’re fine with being naked, I assume everything else will be OK for you as well.

The practical stuff

  • The shoot will happen in the area as indicated. If we go for Antwerp city, the main idea is city center, harbor, surroundings, …. Other places (maybe I city I don’t know, but you do) we’ll see what is interesting. We could also go for ‘nature’ and ‘outdoor’ environment. If you have a cool urbex location in mind, I’m open for that too!
  • The shoot will be somewhere between 12h00 and 20h00. Maybe even later. Dark also works really well for the pictures I have in mind. All depending on your availability of course. Goes without saying the available light will play a big part here. Atmosphere of the pictures will of course depend on this as well.
  • Of course, weather is an important factor. To be discussed.
  • There is no fixed amount of time, but 1 – 2h fly by easily.
  • No money is exchanged. You don’t get paid, and I don’t get paid. We both do this for good shots / portfolio building / amusement.
  • Bring 2 or 3 outfits. We’ll be walking around, so ‘travel light’. I’ve got gear with me, so don’t expect me to carry anything :-). (high) heels are always a good idea, however, some sneakers for walking around might even be better!
  • If you feel you need make-up (I’m rather sure you don’t, I’m not a big fan, but it’s your call) apply it beforehand. You can retouch once in a while, but we won’t have time for ‘hours’ if you catch my drift.
  • Bring something to drink / eat. You might need some.
  • Pictures will be edited, and you get:
    • The set of pictures that I chose and edited, in high resolution
    • the full set of of the shoot (minus the ones that are complete failures) in low resolution
    • the chance to ask, based on the ‘full set’ me to edit 10 pictures that you would like to have edited, besides the ones I chose already.
  • Pictures will not be posted / used online without prior agreement by email. That applies to both you and me! When we agree to use a certain picture, you can post it on whatever site you want. Same applies to me.
  • If you’re up for this, please send me an email: Feel free to include:
    • A motivation – why do you want to be a part of this?
    • Something about yourself (do have you modeling experience?)
    • references / pictures of shoots you already did, if available
    • your preferred time
    • if you already have outfits in mind, describe them, or include a picture.
    • practical stuff
    • any questions you may have
  • About travel: I can pick you up / drop you off somewhere in / around Antwerp. Please discuss if needed.

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