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Sponsorticket – The story of Japanese Bondage


Sponsor ticket for the ‘Story of Japanese Bondage’. Back us up, you’ll get an incredible work delivered to your doorstep. And our gratitude. Lots of that!


This is the sponsor ticket for the ‘Story of Japanese Bondage’. Buying this ticket will get you…
– A print of the overview:
* in German or in English (whichever you prefer)
* in any size you want, with a maximum of 90cm for the longest side
* printed on 2mm thick dibond
* shipment included in the price (in Europe – contact me iy you’re outside EU and really interested in getting this)
=> We’ll be in touch when you buy this voucher. For now
* I cannot say when it will be finished, or when you will get your copy. But You’ll get it. I promise on my honor.
* I cannot say
– Eternal gratitude from:
* the creator of this overview (Wanderburg)
* all people involved in creating this incredible piece of work
* the bondage community for you supporting the creation of this work
* me – because I contribute too, and I really would love to see this become reality
* all the other backers for helping making this possible.