What I do, the type of projects you can contact me for and some general stuff about me.

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The things I do are often ‘not social media proof’. So my Telegram channel is the better way of keeping up with what I do. Join my Telegram channel here


I like to create, but I do not consider myself an “artist”. I consider myself more of a ‘free spirit’ with the urge to create and to express, with the goal of finding the optimal mix between ‘getting better in what I do’ and ‘having fun’. In that respect, I value the quote “take the art seriously, not yourself” highly.

Quotes that kind of suit me
When I eat cake, I prefer the cherry“: When I do something, I’m always looking for the extra touch in it, that tiny bit more than one would expect from it.
The sky is the limit” : I usually set my standards high, as well for myself as for the people surrounding me.
Ad Augusta per angusta” : ‘to the heights through small paths’ – I truly believe that one must persist to reach things out of range of others
Nil volentibus arduum” : ‘For them who are willing, nothing is impossible’ – Having faith in yourself, and keeping your goals clear are the keys to success in life.
“Color between the lines…! – There are no lines!” Lines and boxes are not what I do. Ideas should be wild, concepts should be original, and stuff should be weird. There are no lines.
As a rope top, we are more than just riggers, we are curators of experience. (use kindly permitted –

What I do

I’m mostly into Bondage and I tend to lean towards Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari & Kinbaku). I can find a lot of experiences in rigging someone:

  • by letting creativity flow, I feel I can relax
  • by relaxing trough rope, I feel a stronger need to let the creativity out
  • by connecting with the model, I can enjoy the exchange of energy between us
  • by sharing my passion for Shibari & Kinbaku I meet many interesting people, which makes me a richer personality.

On a side note: I preferably work with lizanne, because she is a super fit, super sexy, super flexible and super hot babe! (and so many other reason I’m not gonna tell here ;-)) My time is limited, and the time I can spend doing bondage, I like to spend it with lizanne. She inspires me. She encourages me.
However, any self assured woman can apply to be tied up: if you have this incredible idea, this amazing proposition or that crazy inspiration… drop me a line nevertheless 🙂
If you are in a condition (such as health problems, overweight, to be unfit) preventing you from being tied up in a stressful position or suspension, applying for bondage might not be the best idea.

Bondage workshops
I teach bondage workshops ‘on demand’. So if you’re interested in learning more about a specific type of bondage (which I’m confident with myself, otherwise it would be useless, right?) either in private or in a small group, you can contact me.

I’m into photography. I try to bring the ideas I have to reality. Sometimes that’s easy. Sometimes that’s hard. But as long as I am learning along the way, I’m happy with it.
I DO NOT appreciate it if you use a picture on your profile without consulting me in advance, edit out the watermarks of a picture, go around and tell people it’s your picture when it’s not, or display any other unfair behavior towards my work.
You can see some of my work…

  • on Fetlife and Instagram
  • on the visual section of this site
  • I do sell prints on various materials and in various formats. If you’re touched by a picture I made, please consider buying a print. Feel free to get in touch.

Do you appreciate my style of visuals, and are you interested in doing a shoot with me? Get in touch. Prices are reasonable, and always tailored. All concepts / ideas / views / … can be discussed. Very few taboos here, and ‘a narrow mind’ is I concept I have heard of, but that in no way applies to me.
If you need content for your social media (Instagram, Fetlife, Onlyfans, Reddit, … ) get in touch. In the ‘visual section’ you’ll see the arty stuff. But I do content shoots as well.

As an extension of my photography, I do video as well. Same ideas apply.

Get in touch if you feel inspired